Tuesday, September 07, 2010

[기사] Comic-al HyungJoon & Kibum

1st posted: June 3
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another businessman much^^ this one I like.. so creative!!! but yeah he's been saying
he wants to do business much...when you first heard about it, this sounded like interesting news much ne?

from: 스포츠한국

Singer's brotherhood with SS501's Kim HyungJoon and UKiss' Kim KiBum will transform into businessmen.

Kim HyungJoon and Kim Kibum will develop their new business related to comic characters in mid-June.
Kim HyungJoon has had revealed in an interview with Sports Korea, "Along with my brother Kibum,
we already had some lots of interest in graphic designs and graphic creations from a long time ago.
Kibum will be designing the graphic designs of the characters in various products. He wanted to challenge
a brand new field with this new experience felt". For the sake of adventing this new business, they had already
begun market investigations from a year ago (!) and had begun creating a homepage for it (!!), not just that,
they had also set aside individual working rooms in their new-moved home too... (!!!!) Both the brothers'
self-designed creations and self-designed characters will be printed on what is called the character products,
and will be for sale. From shoes to notebooks, socks etc, all various kinds of products includes those designs
by them. Both these brothers are in fact not challenging the conventional route that most celebrities are taking,
which is a shopping mall business, they are actually showing a side that's different with this along with the confidence
that comes from within.
KimHyungJoon added on, "We didn't form this business for the sake of earning money, we did this so as to gain
experiences, and also the side or talents which we weren't able to display to you all on stage will have a fairly good chance
to be displayed through such chances".
KimHyungJoon is currently preparing for his comeback with SS501 while UKISS is currently preparing for next album
after ending their current album's music activities.