Saturday, June 05, 2010

[기사] HJ alri sets up HJ birthday project donation event once more

1st posted: june 4
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Hyunjoong alri once more time...

from: yonhap+nate

SS501 KimHyunJoong's fanclub 'Jihoo HyunJoong Alri' has had set up a 'Birthday Present Donation' event
as gift to celebrate HyunJoong's June 6 birthday. The total amount donated is 6060K (606만원) korean won.

This fanclub had set up the KimHyunJoong Scholarship Foundation in February 10 and collated a total of 1,100, 5000, 000 won.
The 200 members of 'Jihoo HyunJoong Alri' did not buy any gifts, but instead chose to celebrate it via the form of
doing volunteer work under his name with all members of the club. Along with the amount collected in February from
the KHJ Scholarship Foundation, it will be used to support education, daily necessities as well as school fees for the needys.

The representative of the fanclub has expressed, instead of choosing an expensive gift, why not give love to others,
that'd be the best gift, so they hope to support HyunJoong by using his name to help the society.

Fans of various countries have been attempting such acts to support the star by starting up various charity events under
their names to repay society (for their love) / for society's love and care.