Wednesday, June 09, 2010

[기사] Hyesunssi wishes to introduce HJ to someone

Hyesun uny has been on many tv shows of late promoting for her movie Magic,
should you be in seoul, hopefully you could take a watch to her first full-length movie!
its good!

Also, she has still been in contact with F4 members up until now. Solid friendship
That's what friendship should be, ne?

from: naver

Talent Goo HyeSun has expressed that she wanted to introduce SS501's KimHyunJoong to same age colleague
in same agency - girlgroup 2NE1's Sandara Park, which thus attracted about attention.

Goo HyeSun was on KBS2's 'WinWin' on the 8th where she revealed that she wanted to introduce HyunJoong
to 'mysterious guest' Sandara Park on the show that day.

On this day's broadcast, Sandara Park said, "First of all, I'm not the kind of person who could speak well. Though Goo HyeSun
has said to me back then that she was going to introduce to me someone from Boys over flowers, in the end she wasn't able
to." MC Kim ShinYoung then proceeded to ask her whom she wanted to be introduced towards. Sandara answered, "All of them
are all handsome, so anyone will do...", which amused the people present there. Goo HyeSun then added on that all F4 members
actually really like Sandara Park alot too, "Just wait and see", where Sandara Park rebutted, "This' a secret, boss doesn't
know", which caused the people around her bursting into laughter again.

Goo HyeSun answered to the question of who does she have in mind to introduce to Sandara Park where she answered
HyunJoong, and then even asked her if that would be alright, who knows she actually replied with "Jihoo sunbae is cool,
so it's okay", which gave an insight.

'WinWin' was aired on the 8th through KBS2 TV.