Saturday, June 05, 2010

[기사] HyunJoong's Professional Professor

출처: 조선한국

SS501's KimHyunJoong's professional spirit despite being casted with bandage is attracting about attention.
Not long ago, SS501's new album Destination's title track 'Love Ya' released its music video. In the music video,
Kim HyunJoong was found out to be wearing a fabric like bandage behind his outfits, which made fans beginning to worry.
To this, SS501's agency DSP Entertainment's personnel spoke in an interview with Chosun, "Before HyunJoong shot for
the music video, he was involved in a car accident, and because of that, he had to put on bandage before going for filming.
Due to the car accident where their comeback stages have to be delayed about, he didn't think it was being
harsh on the body like this", "Now his injuries are almost fully recovered, so it should not be of much disruption
to their upcoming activities".
SS501 diffused their charm through the air with powerful and impactful fashion trial highlighted with intensifying eye-power
via June 4's KBS2 Music Bank. Fans from all over asia including Japan came to wait before
KBS Shinkwan Open hall on this day just to see them, which once again further proved their majestically majestic hanryu star status.