Tuesday, June 08, 2010

KHJ Thai deserves commemoration

Alright, I'm just so proud of this that I wonder if my fingers could even resist
to pretend like not typing anything.........

As you should know, KimHyunJoong thailand has been diligently showing their care
and support for our leader nim. With just 2 days ago, we've had leader nim's birthday
on the go, and that was 0606. A special day that lays itself in remembrance, in memories,
not just for the sake of celebrating birthday, but for the sake of someone really special to us,
and in our lives, which isn't something that's easily understooded by the outside people,
except of course within our sisterhood.
Regardless of boundaries, of blood type, of religions, of country, of skin, of color, of size, of height,
of appearance,
all of us came and congregated, and then transformed into one -- the second S,
with HyunSaengKyuMinJun being the first S.
It's something so powerful that not many could truly feel of and about even though
people outside may just view this to be "pure fandom".
Many people see it as that way, outside people,
but to us who are all in this together, we know we don't feel the same
It's an immense feeling that isn't to be easily described....

So what happens for the sake of 0606 with KimHyunjoongThailand?

Kim HyunJoong Thailand Fanclub had went down to Phrabatnampu Temple / AIDS Temple in Lopburi province
(www.phrabatnampu.com) to do a merit deed by helping the poor HIV sufferers there who need help but yet helpless.
The total amount raised was 50,100 baht, although with the contribution of about 3000-4000 baht from Buddhist monk,
Dr. Alongkot Dikkapanyo, Dr Alongkot was also the founder of the Phrabatnampu Temple. He was really surprised when
he knew about KHJ Thai Fanclub's aim because he never ever thought that fans of Korean singers would go to this extend
to hold good activities like this under the star's name.
Did you think that was all there was to it?
Let's hear what Dr. Alongkot had further added on:
--There may be a lot of handsome and talented young men on earth, though they may or may not be a good person.
He believe that HyunJoong must certainly be a good and charming man because he is able to let his fans love him
so much and believe in him even though fans don't directly know him.

I won't say 'dont know' him, but rather don't directly know him;
it's an abstract kind of feeling about this 'knowledge' thing. You should get what I mean.
Dr Alongkot then requested for a picture of HyunJoong from the fanclub members, after which he remarked,
"He's just like a prince charming who has a pair of sparkling eyes, gentle and who is one whom always care for others".
Bear in mind that Dr Alongkot doesn't know much about HJ at all.
Dr Alongkot is a wise man with wise words here.
Dr Alongkot really just wishes to meet HyunJoong for once in person, if that would be possible.
This made KHJ Thai members really really proud after hearing.

After hearing the above, how about you? Are you the proud one too? I believe, we all are. Absolutely, doubtless,
always and never, we always have been, always are.

Once again, I salute HJ Thai FC for another good deed done.
Our pretties, our sisters, our pealings... Really deserve 501 applauds, right? ^^

Thanks to LeeNongKan's mother-nim and Leenongkan-nim himself for this piece
of good news!

Certificate to show the amount donated under HyunJoong ::: 50,100 baht

Cake for leader-nim