Tuesday, June 01, 2010

LOVE YA and LMBTO -- original songs altogether

Alright, as this was seen already on imuyachan-nim's blog/wwnim's blog/other bloggers' blog,
you should already know about this.
The reason why I post this is of course to clarify about the doubts in many's minds
about why 2 songs in DESTINATION sounded so familiar to some US singers aka music
producers. Actually I was quite puzzled myself, and wondered the reasons behind,
now that this has been clarified by the producer of both songs -- Steven Lee sonsaengnim,
this is now clearer, like rainbow after storm. ^_^
Previously I talked about this here (LMBTO) and here (LOVE YA)
talking about the bought-over of copyrights thing,
I did think of it as a demo version since that's what happens all the time,
but it slipped my mind altogether about the possibility of leakage issue.

Thanks to CKnim for the headsup as well as Imuyachan for the clarification with Steven
lee sonsaengnim. That was much clearer and a kind act altogether. ^o^

credit: imuyachan-nim @ marinastory.wordpress.com

**guess this is not considered as 'posted elsewhere', ne?**

Will just copy and type out the words written with regards to Steven lee songsaengnim's reply.

Sonsaengnim's RE to LOVE YA:::
--Michael Angelo's Let me love ya is my song that I wrote and produced.
It's not something that was officially released. Simply, Michael angelo version is a demo version of
SS501's "LOVE YA" and the one that you listened to on Youtube
is illegally leaked through hacked gmail account few months ago.
So please don't worry, LOVE YA is an original song of SS501.
And Michael angelo is a good friend of mine, we work together often :-)

Imuyachan-nim's reply & question:
So that means, the same thing also goes for "Let me be the one" who previously sung by Andre Mieux?

Sonsaengnim's RE to LMBTO:::
Yes you're right, we made it together. you can buy the cd and see its credit on the jacket.
(yes, andre mieux nim is one of the producers of this song)

Well now, does that clear your doubts already?

All in all, the ones you heard over Youtube that I posted through here 1,
here 2 are just but demo tracks. What I thought of initially. ^_*

Sorry if I had caused any confusion to those who read it from here ^_*