Tuesday, June 01, 2010

[기사] LOVE YA MV attracts world attention

quite some time didn't do translations already..^^;
I will be back with more translations soon^^

meanwhile, since there are so many articles over the net these days
and they're all about the same, so maybe some brief translations of just 1 only will be needed
This one is about the release of LOVE YA MV~~

from; nate

On May 24th SS501 grabbed the realtime charts of various music sites right after releasing their new album 'DESTINATION'
which was released on that day itself. Soon after that, SS501 then released their trailer for the title track's MV,
but only on the 31st May was their official full version of MV released, which piled up a topic of discussion amongst
the netizens.

In the full version of MV released, they transformed into the bad boys with oozing charisma along with black outfits tapping
to the chereography, exhibiting the other brand new charm of SS501.

'LOVE YA' which was chosen to be the title track this time was composed by Steven Lee and was accompanied along
with piano background melody and some orchestra harmony, which successfully created an impactful impression,
this was aided on by SS501's powerful vocals which added on to the new image SS501 is displaying,
earning the praises of American music producers who call this as 'worldwide scale' performance item.

SS501 who will soon be having their comeback has long gained much concern over their new album since a long time ago,
in order to repay fans' love, they had held fansign sessions on the May 28, 29, 30.

On the other hand, they will be making their comeback stages on June 4 through KBS2 TV's 'MUSIC BANK' and then 'MUSIC CORE' on June 5.