Wednesday, June 02, 2010

[기사] Martian manhunter Kimhyunjoong

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10 questions you ask UR stars (all 5 involved)

by: naver

"Naturally-borne body agility...but...what?"

What's the secret behind SS501's body swifter KimHyunJoong's hidden body?

The secret to KimHyunJoong's body behind those solid and rich muscles as he performs to 'Jjitjoong' was
revealed through SBS E! TV's 'Star Q10'.
His personal appointed physical trainer Kim Sang Duk has had expressed himself through an interview

with a personnel, "For the fact that he's even earned himself the nickname of Jjitjoong, that perfect body of his
which was seen at the concerts was actually trained out in 2 weeks only. That body was made up of very perfect
muscles which he managed to form them out well as".
Also, he revealed that KimHyunJoong often dislocated his shoulder while dancing or moving swiftly very often

like a habit. Besides that, he also shared some interesting stories during the times when HyunJoong
was training up for his body for the sake of Persona concerts in those 2 weeks.
This episode will be shown on June 2nd at 8pm through SBS E! TV.

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