Thursday, June 03, 2010

Newton @ 07-06-2010

thanks for the reminding.
here's a new programme music programme that adds on to another schedule they
have in their schedule table^^*

Celebrities = no easy

New music programme 'Newton' will be aired beginning June 7, Monday on TVN tv station.
'Newton' will be a standing only concert and will be filled with much special charms like never before seen.

First airing on TV: 7 June (Monday) (after pre-recording on the same day itself)
Programme title: TVN's new music programme 'Newton'
MC: Gil (singer)
Venue: CJ ENM Exhibition Convention Hall
Performers to 1st & 2nd episode: 2 newbie groups, CNBlue, 4minute, SS501, Leessang etc

첫방이예요 많이가서 응원할께요!