Saturday, June 05, 2010

Persona in Seoul @ TW vers

Was on yesasia and happened to chance upon this, you would know for sure
there will be a tw version...

Actually all types of versions cater to different types of needs and people..
So all is good, nothing is say excessive ^^;

TW Version of Persona in Seoul (Aug2009)

Where: CLICK
Price: USD 49.99
Expected release date: June 22, 2010

*Deluxe packaging
*Ultra-long BTS of each country (Seoul, Taiwan, HK, Shanghai etc)
*Multi-angles, fans could choose the angle of their favourite member and then watch "Song calling for you" and "Love Like This"
with much happiness
*One and only worldwide -- includes all members celebrating HyungJoon's birthday touching moment
(Reallly.......wasn't it already included in korean version...)
*36 full-colored page photobooklet
*Chinese/Korean subtitles, 220minutes in total, 3 discs

01 Intro
02 Deja Vu
03 Unlock
04 Warning
05 4Chance
06 Song Calling For You
07 Hey G
08 Wuss Up
09 Never Again
10 Because I'm Stupid
11 Can't I (하면은 안돼)
12 URMan
13 Fighter
14 Nameless Memories
15 Please be nice to me
16 Haruman
17 Green peas
18 Love Like This

19 Encore
-You're my heaven

20 Multi angled
-Song calling for you
-Love Like This

21 Opening + interlude VCRs' Behind-The-Scenes

22 Behind the footage of all asian stands
-Asian-wide greetings
*To begin with the greetings from DVD's PD-nim of 'To become the ambassador of Hanryu wave in hope to
pass on the trendiness of Korean culture', then proceeding on with the greetings and love expressions
from fans of various countries.