Thursday, June 17, 2010

[photo] 0608 Open Conc + 0607 newton record

Thanks to Melssi for the sending of this since few weeks ago
anyway due to my meditation which I still am in the midst of (T.T) these nice cute photos now
may not be super HQ but but..the atmosphere that's been captured at the right time is kwiyeom!
Taking photographs has never been^^

**~~Classic extracted~~**

credit: photographers pluto @ hyuniversal0606 + sp thx Melssi

100608 Open Concert

4BB (4 Beautiful backs) + 1 BF (Beautiful Face)

You. Don't. See.

C'mon, point it like me! you'll want to!
no.. Not like that..
But if you point at me............

... *Roar*! like that.. in my hands.. ...will perish!!!

Yeah i'm serious. What. Hey look. Imma so taller than you, so, whatcha' lookin' at!
Don't cha wish your was hot like meee? ^^
*aww Imma shy*

Watch me dance~ First, have a look @ my beautiful back first...
Then I'll get ready... And here you have my fierce look!

Noone claps for me? I'm very much sad...

dagwenchana... Imma courteous boy...

tvN Newton Recording @ 100607

hahaha! that was so funny hyung! thirsty..
meong?? *meow*
paro neo! my pretties!

double meong.
triple meong. *ouch* a mosquito bit me
hahaha! kyujong ah neomu wukyeotra! ouch kyujong ah, ireojima............. *frowns*

kkk thats true...
aowo... jebalra.. ireojimasipsio.........
cmon, bounce with me.