Wednesday, June 09, 2010

[기사] What do you do when you do ret it

Indeed the best skinned best managed...

from: 네이버사이트

In the CableTV SBS Etv Star Q10 to be broadcasted on 9th June, it was revealed that
SS501 is very much close to Han SeungSub, dermatologist of a particular medical clinic where he was even
honoured the invitation of a seat in SS501's first concert. Han SeungSub had been appointed the dermatologist
in charge for SS501's skincare since the day they debut and even divulged that amongst the members,
it was Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong who went to his clinic most often.
He added on with interesting stories, "There was once when they came over to the clinic, and because of their fans,
our entrance doors became clogged in a second. Transportation ended up being paralyzed, yes it was to that extend.
So as a result, some fans were able to get their autographs and even hold conversations etc.
In this episode, their skincare treatment would also be revealed.

On the other hand, Park JungMin also revealed in this episode about his shopping mall business as well as some thoughts.
With regards to the question asked about "SS501's core", he answered very honestly, "In terms of personality, charisma,
willpower, I'm the strongest in that. Though the other members don't feel that way consistently" after which letting out a sigh
in a humorous manner, "It's obvious who the core is isn't it. Who should exist nyo", and then laughing it out across.

This episode will be aired through 'Star Q10' on the 9th at 8pm via E! TV.