Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[article] Fanclubs prefer rice than flower

Korean fanclubs are recently in the craze of replacing flower bouquets with huge packets of rice, the amount of rice that fans buy will be donated under the name of their idols to the needy families, this is useful because not only will it be meaningful, it will also raise the image of their star, which is why it is been receiving so much love from the Korean fanclubs these days.

On the last Playful Kiss press conference held in end-August, Kim Hyunjoong received a total weightage of 1.3 tonnes of rice, while Lee Seung-gi also received 200 kilogrammes of rice from his fanclub during the press conference of his SBS drama "My girlfriend is a Gumiho". In addition, during the press conference of musical "Goong" held last September 9, DBSG Yunho had also received a total weightage of 3.15 tonnes of rice.

A fan who has ever participated in a donation of rice activity expressed her stand, in the past when their idols appear for any event, the fanclubs will usually collate a sum of money to give flower bouquets, but in this way, not only is it expensive, it is also meaningless; by giving rice instead, it could help more needy families and also improve the image of their idols, which is why it has become the top choice for most fanclubs.

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