Thursday, September 16, 2010

[article] Jangki #5 ratings

Ratings for drama Playful Kiss that stars Kim HyunJoong is once again falling to 3% as it puts up with the danger of possible disintegration on the drama.

On the 16th according to ratings research center AGB Nilson Media, the ratings for this drama's episode that aired on 15th recorded 3% of ratings.

Beginning since Episode 1 with 3.5%, the following 2~4 episodes had recorded respective ratings of 3.7%, 3.5%, 3.4% where it maintained within the 3%-plus ratings, but then in Episode 5, it began to record ratings of 3%, and this is perturbing as it brings the danger of possible ratings falling to 2% in the future upcoming episodes.

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Although this drama is the one anticipated drama by most broadcasters, amidst the fiery fever coming from 40%-plus ratings KBS2 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo', criticisms for the drama's loosely dispersed story development and artificial settings used does not dip. A related personnel has pointed out that, Baker King Kim Tak Goo may end this upcoming 16th and so many will be watching for the reflection in next week's ratings, but with this day's continuous decrease in ratings, it seems like this drama will persist to face a tough battle amongst the Wed-Thurs dramas.

On the same day's timing slot, KBS2 'baker king Kim Tak Goo' recorded ratings of 45.3%, while SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded ratings of 10.8%.


On the 16th, according to ratings collation center TNms, KBS2 drama 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' that aired on 15th recorded ratings of 46.5% while same timing slot SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded ratings of 13.0% and MBC 'Playful Kiss' recorded ratings of low 3%.

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