Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[article] JM lose 8kg and sticking to strict diet

박정민 대박나길 빌어여~~!!

SS501 Park Jungmin has let known of his official comeback time period and in addition, also released a different side of his all this while where he's gone through an image transformation by undertaking strict dieting courses.

Park Jungmin released a photograph of him through his official facebook account (OfficialParkJungMin) last 14th September, attracting the eyeballs of people.

Last June, after SS501's official activities come to a close, Park Jungmin who was taking a period of rest took off hard time to reduce weight by constricting himself to stick to a strict diet for the sake of his upcoming solo activities like exercising and consuming only certain food, which seems like he's underwent quite some hardship.

A related personnel from Park Jungmin's agency CNR media told the media, "He's been hardworkingly leading a ruled routine whereby he will arrange a daily timetable and go according with it. He will wake up in the morning and go to exercise, he also discusses with his trainer to eat only dishes that are mainly rich in protein and salad focused. As compared to before, he's now lost 8 kg of weight, it seems like his body is now healthier and also with more solidity".

Park Jungmin mentioned his comeback time period through his facebook with "Been exercising hardworkingly all these while. I ask for your much support. I should also be able to meet you all in November".

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will be leaving for his Japan activities on the 16th.


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On the other hand, for the sake of discussing his future activities in Japan, he will be leaving for Japan on 16th, and is scheduled to reveal the discussion through his agency CNR Media on the 17th.