Sunday, September 12, 2010

[article] Oversea fans send in many more prezzi for...

All the time it is; Nice

Kim Hyunjoong is now urging against Bae Yongjun's power with the invasion of presents bought by his (HJ) oversea fans. Kim Hyunjoong who has moved to Bae Yongjun's agency Keyeast recently (?) is now developing his actor activities, whilst his oversea fans have also sent their presents to the agency located in Seoul, Samsung-dong.

Before Kim Hyunjoong's recruitment, if most of the presents delivered to Keyeast were for Bae Yongjun, then in these two~three recent weeks, Bae Yongjun's ranking is totally lowered. And because of that, Keyeast agency personnel are at a loss for words, because the amount of presents coming in for Kim Hyunjoong will be alot more than Bae Yongjun in future days to come. An agency personnel says, "In the past, the ratio for Bae Yongjun & other actors' amount of presents was 9:1, but now, to put Kim Hyunjoong alongside other actors, the ratio becomes like 9:1, too. But it does not mean no presents are coming in for Bae Yongjun or other actors, it's just that most of them are for Kim HyunJoong", explaining.

In actual fact, Kim Hyunjoong's popularity could also be vividly reflected in his MBC Wed Thurs drama Playful Kiss. Though it has poor 3~4% ratings as compared to KBS2 "Baker king Kim Tak goo" & SBS "My girlfriend is a Gumiho", its rankings for "Review" (Watch Again) is No.1. Amongst the many MBC mini-series, thanks to the support of oversea fans, it arises as the Number 1 in ranking. By comparing the amount of commercials slotted before the episode begins and against the drama's poor ratings, with an almost completely-defeated standard, the power of Kim HyunJoong seems to show itself solidly. A related agency personnel mentioned, "It's the truth that we see how damaging the composition of drama was to the drama ratings itself, however with the rerun ratings being two times higher than the original telecast at about 6%, as well as climbing onto No.1 for its Watch Again ranking amongst all MBC dramas, with also the fact that acting isn't all that criticized for this time round, we seem to be seeing a successful reap behind the hardwork of Kim Hyunjoong's".

On the other hand, Kim Hyunjoong's oversea fans have caused buzz with their donation of 3 large tonnes of rice and heavier during the last Playful Kiss press conference, instead of sending flower bouquets.