Thursday, September 02, 2010

[article] Problem with the Episode 1 failure?

MBC new Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss who recorded its first episode ratings with 3.5% (according to AGB Nilson Media Researches) faced a huge humiliation. So what is the reason to why Playful Kiss who stars Kim Hyun Joong faces such an utter defeat?

The first and foremost biggest problem would be that the drama lost the fun of the original manga. The first episode of Playful Kiss which was spun from a popular same name titled manga filled itself with many fantasy-like traits. Many imagination scenes in dreams decorated itself just like an animation film, while the audio effects also very much gave off the feeling like in a manga. However, with these much changes that differs from the original manga, it has instead made the manga fans sad. 'How will the leads in manga turn out to be portrayed in the brown box (tv)?' showing their curiosity, but after viewing, fans who were anticipating the perfect synchronization as the original manga turned out very disappointed, which was probably why they switched channels.

Acting skills could not be evaded as well. As compared to the previous work, though Kim Hyun Joong's pronunciation and facial expressions did improve alot better, there are still many problems as usual. The role he takes on - Baek Seung Jo is supposed to be a tough and arrogant guy and he was supposed to be leading on the drama atmosphere in its initial. However, to Kim Hyun Joong, it still seems much difficulty to perfectly shed his soft image from his previous work KBS 2TV 'Boys over Flowers'. After the Episode 1 broadcast, comments left on noticeboard could be seen, "Sad about his acting", "I haven't been seeing huge interest in the new works that Boys over Flowers casts members had took on after BoF one after another. Is the 'BoF curse' continuing itself?" etc, comments surfacing one after another.

But yet of course, to determine the failure of Playful Kiss solely based on its first episode is not possible. Personnel highlighted, "Because Seung-jo isn't a character who is of many words in the initial of the drama so it's not sufficient enough. Until when the drama develops more fully, only then will you be able to see a more natural acting of his". Also, "We will take into consideration the advices from audiences and will show it in the drama". With that said, it would be best for us to continue anticipating Playful Kiss.