Saturday, September 11, 2010

[오디오] Hyung Jun : Short radio interview in Singapore, Aug 2010

Radio Interview conducted with Hyung Jun when he was in Singapore , 100828~0830.

Back at the location when this interview was conducted, the host was squealing because Hyungjun touched her hands as he saw her holding the recording tape and looked uncomfortable, so he stretches his hand to wanna help her; and incidentally he touched her hand a lil'. She's happy and squealed a little.

The translator translates and leave out many details so I type them out again and adds in (important) stuff.

September 5, 2010

[Q] We all know Kim Hyungjun is a member of the wildly popular idol group SS501. Right now, he's also busy with some of his own works, if so, then at his young age, he should be very very busy now. Then...won't he feel tired or burdened being a star being a celebrity?

[A] 14s
Mm...I don't really feel so. Just, because music is what I can do, and it's what I like, the side I'm showing now is nice, and because I'm always working hard, kept on working hard until now. I do think hardworking is the most important thing. I think by working hard all the time you will be able to achieve your goal.

-next is translator's speech-
He thinks being a star is not exactly hard, because he likes singing, and he thinks that this is what he is, to him, the most important thing is to try his best all the time, don't get lazy and just try his best and keep moving forward.

[Q] 52s - Why does Kim Hyungjun love to sing so much?

-translator's version-
Since young, he always liked to perform on stage, like to show people his singing, his talents, his dance moves, something that he's born with...

-add on something not translated-
No matter what it is, he always has the thought to want to show people and perform to them.

[Q] 1.16 - Besides dancing, singing, good-looking, the qualities that an idol must possess, Kim Hyungjun can also compose. So where does his inspiration for composition come from?

[A] He says he always take reference from his own personal experiences that he's gone through.

-translator's version-
His inspiration most of the time comes from something that he experience, his thoughts, because he thinks that by composing a song using his own experience, it will actually bring out the emotions better.

[Q] 2.07 - If his inspiration has to come from personal experiences, then what if he writes sad ballads, won't he have to go through the heartache of love, then won't Kim Hyungjun be so agonized?

[A] He says he likes to write the lyrics on his own, and he feels that he's able to express the feeling better if he uses own experiences. He has many different thoughts, so he wants to put across most or all of his personal experiences.

-translator's version-

Because, most of his songs come from his own experiences and his thoughts, he don't think that it will be so hard because in a way it is his job, as a singer to compose and to sing, and he wants his songs to be truthful, as truthful as possible, so he doesn't want to add anything that is not him into his work..... So yeah, it wouldn't be so hard...

Hyungjun: Sad emotions, yeah for sad emotions it's when I experienced it when I write sad songs.

Translator: When he's writing a sad song, yeah, it's just (actually) because he's experienced something sad. It's nothing to be so hard or something that will be so difficult... yeah

[Q] 3:33 - Until now, we still have not seen Kim Hyungjun's performance in the acting field. if he's given a chance to act, what role would he want to challenge?

[A] Well, some time ago, I wanted to portray a bright, lively character. Something like a youngsty sitcom, But now, I thought I want to challenge a tougher and gruffy character, been thinking of that for quite long; like, Killer? *bang bang bang, Killer~~* If not, something like Wonbin from movie Ahjussi recently who's so cool and who goes around finding the woman he loves, yeah that kind of gloomy, solitary and manly type. Gloomy character, I wanna try it once.

Actually, initially his thought was, he wanted to try out a character that's more lively? Something more comical. But now, if he ever starts acting in the future, then he wants to try out something more, something that can give fans more impression. Like killers, yeah. And recently he watched this movie called Ahjussi, and in Ahjussi there was this korean actor called Won bin, he acted as this man with lotsa sad memories and sad experiences, and his character was pretty gloomy. And he also would wanna try out a character something similar to that.

[Q] 4:50 - What advices does Kim Hyungjun have for the youngsters out there who wants to get into showbiz?

[A] Because I myself had gone through 5 years of training period, and had learnt alot (notice his sad-changing tone)... Because I started, I didn't wanna give up that's why. If you really wanna step into showbiz, then until the end, until the moment you step onto stage, though it will be hard, but during your training days, you must not give up, and work harder than others, you will shine brighter and perform better than others, because you will become a singer eventually. Don't give up because it's tough, just keep working hard and you will get there. You will eventually step onto stage and show yourself with many chances. Encourage yourself and work hard.

ERM he was a trainee for 5 years himself, and there are times he wants to give up, but the most important thing is to keep trying. Never give up and always put in the extra effort, so just keep going, keep going, don't give up, if your goal is to be in a show business, then you should try your best to reach that goal and yeah, always put in your best effort.

[Q] 5:59 - On stage, Hyungjun is always so jovial and cute, and even sometimes comical, then off-screens, is he also like that?

[A] To be honest, at home, I'm less -happy- ? ahh wrong, less lively, but when I'm on stage, I'm more bubbly, because I did career activities for more than 5 years already, the image I protrude on stage is mostly lively and bright, but at home, I'm more quiet and less naughty, but outside I have to be the mood-maker, I talk more and wants to show a more positive side. like when 5 of us are together, I want to be the person to liven up the atmosphere. Rather than the gloomy person. And I want to show my lively side always, yeah but I personally don't think I have lotsa differences.

His usual character is, he won't say it's total different from when he's on stage, but at home, he's less talkative, and as the first child of his family, he doesn't talk that much and tries to be more matured. But on stage, in order to entertain the fans and to ensure everyone has a great time, he tries to be more lively, more cheerful, more talkative, so yeah that's just a bit of difference.

[Q] 7:23 - lastly, let's have Kim Hyung Jun introduce a solo song of his I AM.

[A] In our SS501 albums, there's this album called U R Man where it includes our solo songs. At that time, only 3 of us were carrying out activities. Amidst which, there is this solo song, I AM. Let's listen to it together.

This song I AM is from the previous album that SS501 has produced, yeah it's U R Man. That album consists of solo songs sung by each member, and, yeah I AM is one of the songs that he sang alone.