Monday, September 13, 2010

[영상] Jangki #6 Long Preview {+e}

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As from the C-E @ bottom description + K-E translation itself

From_(chinese) baidu kiss bar

Hani: There are so many things I wanna buy, ahh, so pretty, seungjo will look dashing in it too

Hani: Thank you boss, I will work hard!
Boss: Work hard in future!
Hani: yeah boss, thank you!

*customer arrives*
Hani: Ne please give me a minute
Hani: This is really delicious, total 7200 won
Hani: (counting softly) 7500 won, ne a change of 300 won. Please come again!~~
Hani: Welcome....~~~ *stopped midtrack*

*baek seungjo arrives*
Seungjo: How much is it?
Seungjo: -shocked-
Hani: 1200 won
Seungjo: Money here
Hani: Ahh customer, how much am I receiving here?
Seungjo: 10,000won
Hani: Ne, 10,000 won received, customer will you take 8,800 won from here...
Seungjo: Ne? Oh 8,800 won
Hani: Yeah please walk slowly
Hani: -phew- -unzips herself-
Hani: *_* Boss!!!
Boss: What?! Please take away 8,800 won???!

Hani: I'm sorry, the long-awaited examination...everyone was anticipating so much, but because of me... you're right, I'm really the nightmare in your life, no, nightmare is not enough to describe, it's a disaster... I wanna sleep now
Hani: -lies down-

-Hani recalls what Jangmi says in #5-
Jangmi: You gave Seungjo oppa sleeping pills, do you think you still have the right to say you like him?
Hani: -sighs-

Seungjo: It's been some time, are you leaving?
Hani: It was like that last time, and is still like that...I always want to do it well, but it's always like that... No matter how I think, I just cannot stay by your side. Who knows something might happen again
Seungjo: I dont think so... Need me to help you with it, looks heavy... (luggage)
Hani: It's alright
Seungjo: Then up to you. Take care
Seungjo: -hands letter- Ah btw
Hani: Is it for me?
Hani: -opens up- Oh, Parang Uni? Free Science Medical department? Ah, wrong recipient, not for me. Oh wait, Baek Seungjo? Ahhh Baek Seungjo!! Really? Going to Parang Uni already? Why??
Seungjo: No idea, too many troubling matters
Hani: Deh?
Seungjo: Until my living in this world until now, last year seemed to be the most frequent number of times I was disciplined for, and today too, something happens again, made me worry, made me nervous
Hani: *pouts*, I'm sorry
Seungjo: It's interesting
Hani: mm?
Seungjo: The awaiting of examination results was more interesting than the exam itself, and the curiosity itself
Hani: So? So you're saying you are going to Parang Uni because of me?
Seungjo: *stares* Not because of you, it's because of me. Because I wanna live more meaningfully!
Hani: oh, yeah right
Seungjo: If so, take care
Hani: ahh wait wait, then.....can I stay here still? I promise I won't be of any more hassle!
Seungjo: You? Initially you said the same thing too
Hani: Sounds right. But I will work harder! I will make it more fun! Promise!!!

Announcer: Groom Baek Seungjo, Bride Oh Hani miss, Can you two swear for life?
Seungjo: Yes, I do.