Wednesday, September 08, 2010

[msg] KEYEAST @ 2010-09-08, Wednesday

Hello, this is Keyeast.

The skies have rose higher.
The blue skies and the refreshing vitality of the wind feels the presence of Fall that's approaching itself forth quickly.
At a turning point of Fall, hopefully, all that you wish for would come true.

And we are here to deliver good news to all fans out there.
Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's official homepage ( which has been the attention of all of you is now open.
Despite busy filming schedules, Kim Hyunjoong-ssi who has heard about this good news happily left a video message for all of you
This video of Kim Hyunjoong-ssi who has left his first greeting for his homepage could be viewed through "FROM, HJ" at the top of the menu bar.

In future too, through the homepage, we will deliver Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's news to you all quickly, and we will also meet with everybody with a variety of contents.
In order for us to create this space with warmth along with everybody, we ask for your unchanging love and concern.

For now, Kim Hyunjoong-ssi is fully focusing for drama Playful Kiss.
In order to deliver a good image to all fans, Kim Hyunjoong-ssi who is always working hard, as well as Keyeast, will work harder.

We hope all fans could spend a bouncy Autumn.

Thank you.