Saturday, September 04, 2010

Somin in High Cut

Just to do a little

Jung Somin, millions of charms now verified?

"Kim HyunJoong's girl" Jung Somin who stars in Playful Kiss has transformed into 'chic and arrogant girl' through HIGH CUT's pictorial.

Jung Somin whose debut work was 'Bad guy' as she starred as the youngest daughter Hong Mone of a tycoon is now starring as the female protagonist in Playful Kiss uprightly as she pierces through her position and becomes the best newbie of 2010. Cheerful and jovial Oh Hani shares a lively and adorable loveline with genius flower boy Kim Hyunjoong as Baek Seungjo under one roof, and is challenging to stir about a 'Jangki syndrome'.

In this time's pictorial shoot with title 'The Minimalist', Jung Somin replaced her Oh Hani's bright smile with this expressionless face and animous eye power as she portrays the 'chic and arrogance', delivering the hidden charm of Jung Somin. Quoting her partner Kim Hyunjoong in Playful Kiss press conference, "Varying with her hairstyles, she could look completely different", and indeed just like that said, Jung Somin has shown her various new profiles that are totally different with each style and in each angle.

Until 3am in the wee morning as she lays down her sleep and shoots overnight, Jung Somin left impression on people with her newbie-like enthusiasm yet none-newbie-like poses struck. Her single eyelid eyes yet looking so cool, her fist-like small face, delicate features, smart comprehension skills all made her, the eom-chin-ddal (mother's friend's daughter), shine with light, especially also when she's in the school of Korea National University of Arts. This day's pictorial that composes of monotonal colors to stress the designs as is aimed in its fashion brand's motto along with Mac's bewitching makeup series of the Fall starring the adorable girl Jung Somin and her infinite charms will be meeting you all in the 36 issue of Highcut.

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