Thursday, September 16, 2010

[사진] Somin's SELF-CA

Hello, I'm the actress Jung Somin. It seems like 2010 has become the unforgettable one year to me. After receiving much love as Hong Mone from SBS Bad Guy, I took on the role as Oh Hani in Playful Kiss. I already used to like watching Hwang Inroi PD nim's works, this time we are able to work together, I really feel so honoured.

Because the ages of most of our casts are similar and close, we joke often at the shooting set and also share many little chats as we shoot under such a friendly atmosphere. I still have much room for improvement as I'm still a newbie; From my partner Kim Hyunjoong-ssi to my father in the drama Kang Namgil sunbaenim, they have given me lots of help, I really feel so grateful to them.

Only last year, the matters which I couldn't even bear to think of has now happened as a part of my daily life, until now I still find it hard to believe. My daily life that is like this dream will now be revealed to you guys.

1. "Ddan ddan ddan~", uploaded the wedding ceremony with Hyunjoong-ssi. In the drama, finally Hani's one-sided love comes to a close, is she really getting married with Seung-jo already? In actual fact, it's actually an imaginary wedding. This is my first wedding dress worn ever since debut. How's it? Very compatible with me?

2. A shot of me in uniform! In the drama, Hani lives under one same roof as Seungjo, and because both of them attend the same high school, there are many scenes that I shoot with Hyunjoong-ssi ne. In the drama although Hyunjoong-ssi portrays a character as an arrogant guy, in actual fact he's affectionate and friendly.

3. The three musketeers in the drama who are always with me.^^ If you see Yunhwa unnie (middle) and Seungah-unnie acting it out comically at the shooting set, your smile will surface for sure. Especially Yunhwa-unnie as a gag-woman, she's always in charge as the mood-maker at the shooting set.

4. Lee Taesung-ssi whose role is 'tough guy' Bong Jungu who loves Hani single-heartedly. In the drama, he who shows his so strong Busan accent, and that one strand of permed fringe is so strong-impressioned, isn't it? His synchronization with that character in the original Japanese manga is 100%. I really give it to him! I admit!

5. Our teacher who has been suffering because of the country pumpkin Hani. An affectionate shot with Hwang Hyo-eun sunbaenim!

10. Namu-ssi (Kim Sunguk) who is a member of the loyalty gang with Bong Jungu in the drama. Is his yellow pama-hair a wig? It's real. Haha.

9. Why all that dissatisfied look? Haha. It's quite something that this scene now turned out so natural when it was such a wacky expression. kk

8. For the sake of this scene where Hani is threatening Seung-jo to date her, I transformed into a bad student. Along with thick make-up which I don't normally put on, and the apparel that diffuses my tough girl charm whole body throughout. Do you see a tough girl there?

7. My manager oppa shot this secretly at the shooting set. So what am I exactly looking at? I'm also not exactly certain. Though it was a shoot across the night, I was focusing fully and so did not feel any sense of lethargic~

6. Jjan~ The script for #6. Do you see it already? 'Hani' is written at the far left and a small sticker is also pasted. Enlarge to view it~