Saturday, September 04, 2010

Welcome! to HnB!

We invite all of you to the world that belongs to HnB only.

With the user-friendly contents as well as professional technique skills HnBcompany possesses
As a form of reality amidst pure imagination, As a form of huge pleasure amidst your thoughts

Sometimes, your daily live feels dull
But, we have transformed into the vitality that will turn your daily live into a happy one.
So, if you're ready..

Welcome! to HnB



Piro Piro is?
Curiosity & Laziness+Cumbersome=Gwichani-ism & Forever Fatigue

For the sake of conquering Earth, the prince of Fatigue Planet - PiroPiro has arrived!
However, PiroPiro has had cleanly forgotten about his mission as a leading a comfortable life on Earth for an already long time..
And in no time, he did not want to do anything at all but just laze and mope around with the desert fox - SiroSiro
But, PiroPiro believes that every living thing on Earth will soon be infected by his Piro Virus.

Should you have been infected by the Piro Virus, all human beings and animals will have dark circles appearing underneath their eyes.
And when you develop dark circles as dark as PiroPiro's, that's when you have no more way out of escaping from PiroPiro.

Name: PiroPiro
Occupation: Prince
Hobbies: Opening of eyes and sleep, he has the talent of looking at something all the time
Symptoms: Forever lethargic, energy-less, cumbersome, even eating and playing is cumbersome, most of the time meong~ (dazed), and paying most attention to his eyes.
Method to cure: None. (if he eats broccoli or salmon fish, it might reduce his symptoms a little)

SiroSiro is?
Gender, Age, Date of Birth, all unknown!

SiroSiro does not know what is a small thing, and if PiroPiro is a large thing.
Likes to always stick himself on the top of PiroPiro's head, and refuses to do any single thing at all.
Favourite catchphrase: Don't wanna do!