Wednesday, June 09, 2010

0613 Event -- 5주년 기념이벤트

Here's a special event on 13th June which already had plans since 2 wks ago,
this is specially translated
i mean yeah I was going to translate, but for a reason of something else (^^;) too

Do it quick. I can guarantee plus chop you won't have a good seat if you don't act NOW

Special movie appreciation fan event -- 5th anniversary commemoration

Venue: Yongdeung-po, Time Square, CGV Arthall

Time: 2010 June 13, Sunday, 8pm onwards

Time for entry: 7 PM

An event open to only 501 fans, there will be a special gift for each and every fan on that day itself

On a first come first serve basis

There will be a big screen set up outside the hall too, so those who won't be able to be in the event could feel the
excitement too.

Please call 010-2540-1016 for more information... (.................)

Strictly no overnight queueing allowed, once found out, you may not be allowed entry even
if you are amongst the 501 members.
Kindly take note