Wednesday, June 09, 2010

[기사] Good deed once more

really proud much? after alri, after khjt, perfect, and more to come..
One's birthday...the proud day of it all altogether

from: 엔티 korea+nate news/naver

Kim HyunJoong fanclub 'Perfect' has had donated to the adult's cancer association of late in view of HyunJoong's birthday.
After forking out 1million won to aid the leukaemia adult patients association in last year April, they did it again this year
to help the cancer patients this time. However, they didn't choose the collation of funds matter, but rather the donation method.
These donations helped to settle the medical fees of the cancer patients through their special help.
A related personnel has revealed that, donations and love sharing is all around these days, ranging from birthday,
anniversaries, weddings, promotions etc, all kinds of purposes for all kinds of events could bring about love sharing.
Through KHJ Perfect this time round's loving sharing, more patients could receive more help from more people as they gradually
join in.
HyunJoong's another fanclub 'Jihoo Alri' has had already donated 606K won to help the needies too through their
'Birthday donation gift event' under the Kim HyunJoong scholarship foundation which was established in February 2010.
Personnels have remained surprised to see the causal impact due to such good deeds,
and are supportive.