Sunday, June 13, 2010

[사진] 0613 "Fanmeeting"

photos and news content: nate/daum/naver collation + photos from where they're tagged with

SS501 appeared in tvN Music show Newton's corner 'X-Concert' as a form of fanmeeting
cum video event on June 13 at 8pm at Seoul's Yongdeungpo Time Square.
They sung a total of 8 songs inclusive of new title hit 'Love Ya'.
On the other hand, they had received their K-chart No.1 through June 11's Music Bank.

News content all about the same. it's the side titles that's nice...all the time

Thanks to Newton TV, they were able to meet with fans so happily

KyuJong feels so touched to see so many fans...

JungMin is 'so happy' seeing so many fans...

HyungJun, "I was too clumsy in the past!"

HyungJun says, fans are too precious... I can take it no more~

HyunJoong tears at the sight of fans.. Too touched?

Fans, "Please hug~~", And...Done

Listening to the wishes of fans

Hyun Joong's beautiful smile melts the hearts of fans

YoungSaeng's happy face

Singing to Newton, meeting across with fans