Sunday, June 13, 2010


As all of you should know, polling is very important too.
Not just solely Digitally, Physical Sales, but polling is also equally important.
It contributes to many music chart calculations as well.
And I'm sure you know that by now^^

So here I will do a part of backing-up support theme, the Polling part
Of course they are polls which contribute to music chart calculations.
So hope you could do your best in what you can...
Since it is posted on mostly korean sites, some have been asking if I can do the english
version of it... Not just for polls but also for other backing-up support
So here is the english version of Polling part....

Will edit if there are any which I've had forgotten.

All deadlines here referring to the deadline in order for it to be taken into consideration
for next week's No.1 calculation (across Inkigayo/Music Bank).

Available for Foreigner
Mnet MCountdown -- deadline: every Friday, 11 AM, to every Monday of the following wk, 9 AM
☺Log-in first with Mnet PAID account. How to?

*choose 3 of your choice.
*click "투표완료" at Bottom. (highlighted in pink, very much obvious)
*voting takes up 30%. crucial.

Mnet Music -- 20th Millenium Legendary Icons

SBS Inkigayo's TAKE-7
☺Log-in first with Inkigayo account. Will have a registration tutorial later.
If you already have account, LOVE YA = No.56.
Click "투표" at far-right in that song's row.
*Vote 10% + Broadcast 20% + Digital 30% + Physical sales 20% + Research 20%*

*click on "투표" (far right of that row)
*pop-up opens. Click on '닫기' (to close).
*One-time voting for each song will be possible on a daily basis.
ie; 1 song = 1 vote = 1 day, Can vote for 10 different songs altogether.
*Streaming also important. Either stream MV/Mp3.

Available for Domestic
KBS Survey Liking
Very Important
*needs to log in. needs Korean Certified ID.
*if you can do this, please please do this. It will help much in Number 1.