Saturday, June 12, 2010

2000년대 스타뮤지션 투표하러가기

as this was shared on other sites too, this is a poll about the 2000 millenium's legendary
stars through a voting system

Where: here
What: Poll about 5 groups whom you find it legendary enough of the Kpop history since
20th millenium
From: 2010.06.10 ~ 2010.12.10

(1) Log in with Mnet account , 1 ID to 5 times of voting per day (ie; can vote for 5 separate times) (Will not be possible to >5 voting times)

(2) Go straight to that page

(3) Press the "선택하기" button in the same box under the group/singer's profile photo

(4) It will turn red and displays this "선택취소"

(5) Choose up to 5 groups/solo artists

(6) At the very bottom where you see this huge box, in it contains the 5 groups/singers
whom you've had chosen

(7) To the right of it, you see 2 selections available for click ;;
"다시 선택하기" --- "Choose again"
"투표하기" --- "To vote"

(8) To unselect your individual choices, just unselect the turned-red box that originally states

(9) Satisfied already, just click on "투표하기" -- "To Vote" (in bottom's huge box)

(10) Popup shows "투표가 완료되었습니다. 감사합니다". Successful voting

(11) After each successful try, repeat all the steps again until you reach 5 times

(12) How to know you had completed 5 times?
In the bottom's huge box, you'd see this:
"참여휫수: 1" -- "Already voted once"
"총 5희" -- "Total of 5 possible times of voting"
Continue until your 5 times are used up

(13) That's all...

Just found this interesting.......^^

Just to list the artists out bit by bit...

Fr left to right, Top to Bottom, In order :::

2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, Gavy NJ, Gummy, Geobooki, Kim BumSoo, Kim Jong Gook, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Hyun Jung
Kim Hyung Joong, Neil, Noeul, Davichi, Dynamic Duo, The Nuts, The The Band, DBSG, Drunken Tiger, Diva
Loveholic, Roller coaster, Lucid Fall, Leessang, Mighty mouse, Monday Kiz, Bada, Bobby Kim, Vibe, Park Jiyoon
Park HyunBin, Park HyeKyung, Park HyoShin, Baek Jiyoung, Buzz, Byul, BoA, Brown Eyes, Brown Eyed Girls, Rain
Big mama, Big Bang, SHINee, Seo TaeJi, Sung SiGyung, Se7en, SNSD, Son Dambi, SuperJunior, Sweet Sorrow
Shin Hyesung, Psy, Seeya, Ivy, As One, After School, 8eight, Epic High, Wonder Girls, One Time,
One Two, Younha, Eun Jiwon, Lee GiChan, Lee MinWoo, Eve, Lee Seung Ki, Lee Jung, Lee JungHyun, Lee Hyori,
Im ChangJung, Jang Nara, Jang YoonJung, Jo PD, Jewelry, ChaeYeon, Cherry Filter, Kara, Kwill, Koyote
Clazziquai, Tei, T-Ara, 4Minute, Flower, FTTS, House Rules, Honey Family, Hwayobi, Wheesung,
FT Island, GOD, MC the Max, MC Snaiper, MC Mong, SG Wannabe, SS501, T (Yoon Mirae), V.O.S, YB (Yoon Dohyun Band)

*phew* ^o^

I think..every voting counts to show popularity and trustability by audiences?