Saturday, June 12, 2010

[기사] Smartest no.1 to be smartest ambassador

from: bnt news

After releasing the iPhone on 28th last month in KT telecomm, the fever for smartphones blew their way through even more fiercely.
Besides the number of subscribers to iPhones exceeding a good 10million, SK telecomm and LG telecomm had also begun its battle
for the number of consumers. If they were to hire phone models as their ambassador, who would fit in the position best?

Music site Bugs had recently conducted a survey of "Which group would be the most suitable ambassador of smart phones?",
where the results showed that almost 50% high votes went to 'SS501'. 2nd in place was fierce rival SHINee. 3rd to 6th positions
were filled in by female idol groups, with 3rd place as Brown Eyed Girls, 4th being Kara, 5th being Tara, while 6th being 4minute.

BTW, who's gonna get an iPhone 4 soon? ^___^