Monday, June 07, 2010

[직캠] 29th fansign @busan [6] (퍼+강)

Don't know if I had posted this before, since so many fancams every day makes my eyes
go all watery and blurred..
Harley-ssi has been uploading fancams from perfect and pentacle (some hq ones) from
dream concert in her channel, maybe you'd wanna drop by down there to ring her doorbell
"Ring ring!!!!!" ^oo^

here's a fancam from perfect @ 29th's busan fansign
Just to share

credit: perfect ++ harleyhns@yt

this one is from Kangsun19
there're actually alot more out there just not uploaded onto the most welcomed server YT
so it's up to your hands to go dig them ..