Monday, June 07, 2010

[기사] Charts' Top

there's something about this which I wanna share about, remember that international
fans are supposed to join in the mass fun of digital purchases beginning today? ^O^
but nonetheless, for last week 3rd where normal version was released for sale,
it managed to top the charts for Number 1 spot, which is very good b'cuz along with
No.1s and No.2s for Ltd Ed, L.Y has a high chance of clinching the Number 1, just need
a little more effort in digitals and other areas which fans outside korea cant do much of
So what you can do, remember to do; and never say Die ^^*

We're all in this together...... *sings*

from: chosun

SS501's new album DESTINATION's 'Love Ya' reached the top of discography sales. On the 7th morning, Hanteo charts'
system revealed its weekly sales charts, Destination's Normal version which was released on 3rd June reached the 1st place,
while the special version album which was released on the 28th May reached the 2nd place for that.
Love Ya has actually long gotten its Number 1 on various online charts for preorderings and realtime searches No.1,

as well as realtime music charts No.1.