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[메시지] 규종: 와 ..^^ 6월 8일 이구나... !! @ 2010-06-08, 3:12:18 AM

sorry for this late translation could have done it earlier... hmm, is anyone even interested in my sorry? ^o^
anyway, here's the 7 words Thank U filled message by who else but Kim Kyu Jong gun! ^^;

from: ss501.dspenter.com

와.. ^^ 6월 8일 이구나... !!

시간은 정말 빠르죠..?!

돌이키려고해도 돌이킬수없고 붙잡으려해도 붙잡을 수 없는게 시간이라는데..^^

그렇게 소중한 우리들의 시간이 5년이 훌쩍 흘렀어요..하하!!

정말 .. 고맙다는 말밖에.. 드릴말이 없어요..

많은 사랑받은만큼...이제는 우리가..내가 돌려줘야 할때인데..


처음만난날 기억나요?..

일산이었죠..헤.. 무대위에서 우리 다섯명.. 정말 긴장도 많이하고

설레임도 많고.. 실수도있었지만..너무나도 행복했던 출발이었죠..^^


나 김규종이란 사람. 아이돌이라는 가수가 꿈이어서.

이 꿈 이루고싶어서.. 중학생때부터 여기저기 오디션도 보러다니고..^^

그러다가 지금 우리 멤버들만나서 함께 연습도하고..무대도 서게되고..

꿈만같던 시간들이었어요..^^ 시간이 지나면 오늘도 정말 많이 기억나겠죠?..

늘 좋은 모습만 보여드리고싶고 누구보다 멋진모습보여드리고싶은데..

아직도 많이 부족한 점도 많고..^^ 노력해야할것도 많은거 잘알아요.

이런 저 그리고 이런 우리 오공돌이 많이 사랑해주신거 정말로 감사드려요.

어느덧.. 5년이란 시간이 훌쩍지나서.. 방송국에 가도 이제 막내가 아니더라구요..ㅎㅎ

신기해요..^^ 시간이 흐르다보니까..우리 이쁜이들도..

학년도 올라가고..졸업도하고..취직도 하고.. 곧 결혼한다는 분도 있고..^^

너무 기분좋아요! 좋은 소식만 들으니까..^^ 앞으로도

공부 열심히 일 열심히 그리고 좋은사람만나서 결혼도 잘하구..그랬으면 좋겠어요!

이쁜이들이 좋은 소식 전해줄때가..기분 가장 좋아요..^^ 히..

하고싶은말도 많고 해주고싶은 말도 많은데..어이쿠 뭐라고 글을 써야할지 모르겠어요..

그냥 고맙고..미안하다는 말밖에는 ..

정말 고마워요 ^^ ㅎㅎ 예쁜 완두콩..너무나도 예쁜 완두콩..^^

기쁜날.. 우리 다같이 축하해요!!

헤헤!! 자야겠다~~ 내일 스케줄 나가려면 자야겠어요 !!^^

ㅎ 잘자요..이쁜이들..

고마워요. 정말 고마워요.. 이렇게 컴퓨터로 고맙다는 말 표현해서 미안해요..^^;


Wah..^^ It's now June 8... !! @ 2010-06-08, 3:12:18 AM

Time really flies isn't it..?!

Though time can be changed about, but it can't be turned back,
though time can be grabbed hold of, but it can't be grabbed hold about..
That's time..^^
Just like that, our 5 years passed by like that in the flow of a course..haha!!

Really.. Besides the word thank you.. I don't have any others to deliver across..

To this extend of receiving so much love...Even like now when I have to repay this..


Did you remember our first meeting?..

It was at Ilsan nyo..Heh.. 5 of us standing on stage.. Was really very nervous
And very excited.. Though also had blunders.. It was still a really happy trip..^^


Me as a person like Kim KyuJong. To be an idol singer was my dream.

Because I wanted to fulfil this dream.. Beginning since my middle school days,
I already began auditioning here and there..^^

Since then along with our members, we practised together.. stood on the stage together..
Moments spent just like a dream..^^ As time passes, many memories really began to surface
today, isn't it?..

Really wanted to always show the good performances of ours, the side that's much more amazing
than any others'.. Though still very much lacking in abit here and there..^^
To have to work much harder too, I know that well by heart too.
Really very thankful for your love showed to me and our members.
Since when.. 5 years flowed by like a course so quickly.. We even go to the tv stations,
and from that, we are no longer maknaes ne..hh

Amazing..^^ As time flows by so quickly.. Our pretties too..

Some have attended school.. Graduated.. Employed.. And even some, to be married soon..^^

Feels really wonderful! Been hearing only good news that's why..^^
In future too,

Study hard, Work hard,
Since you had met a good person, treat him/her well and treat your marriage well..
If so, that'd be great!

When our pretties deliver good news, that's when I feel the best..^^ Hee..

Many things that I wish to say, many things that I wish to tell you.. Aigu what's this nya
Don't even know what to write..

Just..thanks ^^ hh
Pretty pealings (green peas).. Really pretty pealings..^^
Happy day.. Let's all congratulate together!!

Heh heh!! Have to go sleep now~~ There's schedule tomorrow, have to go and sleep !!^^

h Goodnight.. pretties..

Thank you. Really thank you.. Sorry that I don't have any other words to express with besides
thank you since I'm using the computer to do so..^^;

Seriously, Thank You..!



besides Aigu, I have nothing to express with...


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Thank you.. ^^ @ 2010-06-08, 03:15:48 AM

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Nights..^^ Thank you...!!!! @ 2010-06-08, 3:17:57 AM