Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Twitter job ...for 080610 -- 공식적인 행복한 지나가는 5주년이란걸

As you'd know, tomorrow...is none other than 8th June --- 0608
woohoo! Of course wise, it's a lovely thing~

So what will my post in this signify? That will signify for another twitter job.. ^^
I'll just cut short what I will say in this becuz I know it's been a long day and you
wouldn't wish to hear me talking all the nonsense that you don't like...

Time: GMT +09.00 , 9pm ~ 11pm
Title: #5yrSS501
What: Your hands from your body of courze

That's all. ^_^
Thanks for the lovely help you've all been giving, no matter to hj's bday or to LoveyaCb..

yata Everyone, Fighting!!!

What an official day...