Wednesday, June 02, 2010

[기사] 쉴틈없이 계속안무연습중인 더블돌들

Thanks much xiaochu-nim for the translations. Translating isn't totally easy work,
it does take up quite alot of your braincells especially when dealing with the
right vocab/grammar/structure etc.. But still she took out the efforts to,
worth praising don't you think?^.^

though some old news, nonetheless i'm gonna peom it.

06/02 [news] SS501, Practicing non-stop for upcoming comeback performance on 4th

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Group SS501 will return after 7 months with a new album ‘DESTINATION’ making their comeback through KBS ‘Music Bank’ on 4-Jun.

Due to member Kim HyunJoong’s injury, SS501 performed ballad songs rather than their title song from this album during ‘Dream Concert’.
SS501 is hard on their practice for their comeback performance on 4-Jun.

Their recently released title song ‘Love Ya’ music video shows orchestra and strings playing in a gothic ambience,
where is it more powerful than SS501 appearance, bringing moderation in place.
With emphasis on black tone chic appearance, the members’ transformation in their style is especially attracting attention.

SS501 will have their comeback performance through Music Bank on 4th, their special edition album is released on 28-May
and 3 days later, the normal edition would be released.

Let's see...D1 to 0604..!