Thursday, June 03, 2010

[기사] Cartier's love day charity @ 03.06

many photos were floating around, did you went to look at all of them? ^_^
sorry but not doing a collation for the media photos this time round, will just
peom up this 1 my favourite^^*
the exhibition begins tomorrow that's why


SS501 KimHyunJoong has had attended to Cartier Korea's charity event 'Cartier Love Collection
Charity Exhibition'
at Seoul Kangnam-gu, Chungdamdong's boutique outlet on June 3 afternoon.

This charity event exhibition displays the pictorials of stars who wore on the Cartier Love
collection's representative item
the Love Summer Bracelet, and these stars include Bi, Ji Jinhee,
Kim HyunJoong, Yunho of DBSG, Kim HeeSun,
Son YeJin, YoonA of SNSD, Yoon EunHye, Ha
JiWon, Kang JiHwan, Lee MinHo etc. Cartier Korea aims to express
all kinds of love messages
throughout the world through their LOVE DAY exhibition, while all those funds raised from
event would be donated to International Vaccine Institute.
The exhibition would be from June 4 to June 13,
with a period of 10 days.