Saturday, June 05, 2010

[스캔] Destination Normal Ed -- HJ

These are the scans I did of the DESTINATION Normal ed version album.
The other time I wrote here about HJ's undisclosed... it isn't undisclosed,
just not seen in Limited ed..
Here are the clear scans, but without watermark, because I don't wanna leave any
watermarks to 'kill' this nice quality, and perhaps won't want an xtra copy kept^^*

because it's 0606 already...... a very very special day.... ^_^
I will post up the birthday boy first... the rest to come ^^

*Not resized*

Bad boy, dont stare like this.. Today is your birthday..
K-O 0-1
4EVA Victory!

*sorry for the little holes in the middle, the book had that when it arrived*