Sunday, June 06, 2010

~~*HyunJoong-gun, Forever 21*~~

Today..being 0606, makes a very special day altogether
for you, and for me. Its a day in life where we share
the growth of a new beginning with our number 1 best responsible leader.
So responsible to the extent that his breakdancing could even look so perfect
just in days...
The leader who looks and wishes upon his 4buddies
moulding their future day by day into the future superstars..
upon fans who day by day grow old with them and hair growing
longer,whiter.. no matter what the situation,
he wont be the first to give up; the word Giving Up
doesnt exist in his world of 4d all.
With his powerful eye-power that tells the tale of a
million in whatever could exist on universe,
he's had told his enchanting fairyland story for 25 years...
25 of a million years, the years our green peas had been feeding his stomach with (^_^)
Packets of green peas will never run out of stock at songpa-gu jamshil's songso mart^^
For the Next 100 years, along with 4 other mischievous but so handsome monkeys
we'll store them in our packets together and take our knives/daggers/canons/bombs/spins/arrows/wards and bomb enemies' head,
fight off all evil spirits, earn accolades, gain trust, and of course show our beautiful white 100m long hair ^^

I Feel so special... let me Be the one for all your answers
-love ya all my life-