Monday, June 07, 2010

[기사] HJ is daesung's rival

no objections much?

from:: kbs korea

Big Bang's Daesung considers Kim HyunJoong as his rival.

On June 6 where KBS2's 'Late night variety star' programme was aired, Big Bang's Daesung made a surprising
voice appearance. In order to keep the conversation going between the MC Yoon JongShin and Daesung, Onew,
he posed the question 'Who's your rival amidst the idol groups' towards both of them.

In particular, DaeSung's "Kim HyunJoong?" brought about much response from Yoon JongShin like, "You've indeed
grown alot. This is interesting", after which he again posed another question, "Could it be that you don't have any rivals
amidst SM members?", where Daesung answered with "For now there isn't any from SM, all of them are amiable people".

-rest omited-