Saturday, July 03, 2010

[기사] 0703 Jungmin disfired reports

Am sure people know about the reports firing towards Jungmin that he signed on with taiwan companies, thats what made him very taken aback.
It wont be surprising if you get claims like that, when its true you made discussions with them
Wasnt these rumours always there? before today

Sometimes I just am to say, the world cannot live without paparazzi
because their eyes have the best pupils ever
Why can't we just wait instead of rubbing salt into wounds? (>_<)

from: news ilbo / newsen / today korea (collated)

Rumours about SS501's Park JungMin signing on to foreigner companies in the mainland has been surfacing that he had signed on to the companies earlier than when Kim HyunJoong had signed on to current agency Keyeast.

It was reported that Park Jungmin had signed on to Taiwan companies like the taiwanese drama companies and Sony Taiwan, and is now in the midst of further bonding. The reported company is said to have signed on to Park Jungmin, and the official period where his recruitment will start taking its root will be in August.

Especially after this was said, the remaining members Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun who have not had their decision made were made known to be receiving constant lovecalls from various companies as well,
excluding Kim HyunJoong, it seemed like the remaining members could possibly carry out group activities.
To this a personnel has given some replies, "Though it's true that we still need to have deeper discussions with the remaining members, right until now, it just remains as the way it was. It remains yet to be decided".
He further added on, "The reports that came out together about Jungmin isn't true. Though he has indeed had discussions with Taiwan's Sony Music, but he hasn't had signed on with them officially. The first and foremost most important thing would have to be full discussion with the other members, but until now, he hasn't been able to do so.
Especially in Kim HyungJun's case, he's recently lost his akin brother Park Yongha, he hasn't returned with the right frame of mindset. It's been decided for that he will carry out more concrete talks with the members".

Park Jungmin had also stated his stand through his entry left on homepage on the 3rd regarding his situation that he hasn't had signed on to any companies as yet, he will only decide after discussion with his members. He states that he is currently not under any contract agreement and isn't in any company.

On the other hand, SS501's contract with former agency company DSP media has had ended last June 8th.