Friday, September 17, 2010

[article] #6 ratings

On the 17th according to TNms Ratings Research center, 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' recorded ratings of 50.8% for its final episode on 16th Sptember. This is after 2007's MBC 'Jumong' in 3 years time only that a drama reaps ratings higher than 50%. -next few paragraphs ommitted intro about Baker king- -last paragraph about Jangki ratings not accurate-


MBC drama Playful Kiss has once again recorded low ratings. On the 16th, despite a kiss scene from protagonist Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Somin, according to AGB Nilson Media Research Center, it recorded ratings for its 6th episode at 2.8%. This is actually 0.5% lower than the previous night (15 Sep, #5)'s ratings.

Though this drama is directed by Hwang In-roi PD and stars 'Boys over Flowers' Kim Hyunjoong as it collated high anticipation beginning since its development stage, this drama's 1st episode only recorded 3.5% of low ratings, and continuously falls into a dipping state of ratings.


-3rd paragraph-

However to take a peek by lifting this reality lid, Playful Kiss that began ratings of 3.5% on its first episode, and then subsequently 3.7% for #2, 3.5% for #3, 3.4% for #4, 3.3% for #5 and continuously reaches 2.8% in #6 (according to AGB Nilson Media Research) as it suffers constant 'insults'. This is the lowest of the lowest amongst all dramas broadcasted in this year so far.

The problem of Playful Kiss isn't just about the ratings. With KBS 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' taking the highest end of ratings, Playful Kiss who started out later could possibly due it to that reason for its tough battle that its currently fighting for. Though that is the case, another battle rival coming from SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' manages to record ratings around 10%-plus with its cheerful storyline as it garners the good raves of the young audience generation from and on the internet; whereas in contrast to this, Playful Kiss is receiving disregard from the same young audience generation, which is the problem.

Though criticisms targetting towards Kim HyunJoong, Jung Somin etc's acting and the too excessive fanciful manhwa-like production does not dip as usual, there is still a chance for them to be revived. The first and foremost reason would be because its strongest rival KBS 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' has ended its final run. Of course, because the follow-up work to KBS 'Baker King' is 'Fugitive Plan B' starring top stars Rain, Lee Nayoung, Daniel Henney, it will look difficult for Playful Kiss to take the better advantage side, but still for sure there is a little chance for it to improve.

With the drama's stage moving from high school students Seung-jo and Ha-ni to undergraduates as the story begins its official full-fledge development is a good sign. Hwang In-roi PD who focuses highly on the beauty of his works is also another good sign. Positive reactions and responses towards the drama itself, drama characters, Kim HyunJoong's change in style to Hye-ra who appears in Episode 6 is also getting more feverish by the day with anticipation building up.

For the sake of putting this opportunity to maximum use, MBC will be opening its "Watch Again" service for free beginning 24th September until 2 October through its official homepage. In addition, during the Chuseok period, there will be no replacement with other programmes and will proceed to air as usual.**

**Other tv stations will be replaced.
SBS my girlfriend is gumiho will be replaced with a movie
KBS Fugitive will also be replaced with a movie
Only MBC Playful kiss does not