Friday, September 17, 2010

[article] JM Press conference @ 0917 *2*

SS501 member Park Jungmin held his official press conference to announce his future Japan activities on 17th in Tokyo Minatoku's ANA International Hotel.

In the interviews with Japanese media, he made use of his fluent Japanese skills learnt during SS501's long-term stay in Japan back then for their Japanese activities as he made known that in future he will be developing as an actor and as a singer in Japan, hence increasing anticipation.

With response to the questions asked by the Japanese media, Park Jungmin did not make use of any translator to answer the questions but instead answered them by himself without hesitation along with his amiable personality in creating the happy atmosphere.

Regardless of the many flashes here and there coming from the cameras of each media, Park Jungmin expressed his gratitude for their attendance as he poise for the lenses to keep Fighting.

With regards to the question asked about his first solo activity in Japan, "I feel a little lonely now. It seems like there wasn't a time I've felt how wide a press conference's table could be. But it won't do if I don't say some things straightforwardly, so it's kinda complexed actually".

However his lonely expressions were for a moment only, "At the end of this month, I will be holding a press conference in Taiwan; in November, I will release a single in Korea and prepare for a musical & fanmeeting in Japan; while next year, I will also have a drama in Korea and Taiwan", as he describes his busy solo schedules and shows his strong confidence.

Yamaha A&R CEO Seumi Junichi who was the main organizer of this day's press conference who also attended to it expressed with regards to Park Jungmin's Japanese music activities, "Though it's aimed for December, we will slowly adjust according to his Korea music activities and then decide because looking at the situation now, we can't say for sure in detail".

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will be having a friendly appearance in the musical "Kizuna" (絆―少年よ大紙抱け) from November 18 to November 23 in Japan Tokyo.

'Kizuna' talks about the pure love story where - in order to win the hearts of a woman whom they both fell in love with, two high school students who will soon be graduating took battle on in calligraphy. Park Jungmin will be acting as a Korean exchange student Park Jeonsul who will be giving a powerful performance full of vigour on the stage during the graduation party ceremony. He will be starring alongside other Japanese actors.

In addition, 2 sessions of fanmeeting on December 22 and 23rd under the name of Park Jungmin's individual fanmeeting will be held for his first time in NHK Osaka Hall and Tokyo JCB Hall.


-3rd paragraph-

Park Jungmin also reveals, "It seems like there hasn't been once I've felt this big with the press conference table before", "I want to become the No.1 male to be hugged for, and also the No.1 male whom they'll never forget just a single hug with".