Wednesday, September 01, 2010

[article] JSM has outstanding acting

Netizens are showering positive praises that Jung Somin's acting in MBC Playful Kiss is refreshing.

Jung Somin is in love with Baek Seung Jo one-sidedly in MBC Playful Kiss which began airing on 1st September 9.55pm.

Because Playful Kiss was adapted from the original manga, there seemed to be no exaggerations to her acting. Jung Somin portrayed her character just like the original manga.

The twists and turns of her feelings in the drama was aptly captured, and for her humiliation scenes she had managed to portray it appropriately, it seems like she has had obliged to her Oh Hani character very much there.

Some netizens has even compared Jung Somin to Yoon Eunhye who starred across in Goong. Because Yoon Eunhye also earned her fame through such a character, it seems like Jung Somin would also develop into a good actress should she continue to give herself into the character.

Though Jung Somin is a newbie, her acting skills are outstanding. She's been receiving attention as she is in the Korea National University of Arts - Theater Major. She only had 'Bad guy' as her only work which ended last August, but then immediately she rose to the female lead position with Playful Kiss.

Netizens expressed, "It was only that much that she has shown in the first episode, so I'm really anticipating what further sides she will show us in future. Work hard for a good drama".