Thursday, September 02, 2010

[기사] Ratings for 09-01

장키 대박나길~!!!!!!

MBC drama Playful Kiss which is the comeback work of Kim Hyun Joong recorded its 1st episode with ratings of 3.5%.

On the 2nd, according to ratings researching organization TNmS, Playful Kiss which aired itself on 1st September at 10pm had a nationwide ratings of 3.5%, while in the capital city Seoul, it recorded ratings of 3.8%.

This ratings is even lower by 1.5% than MBC's previous Wed-Thurs drama 'Road number one' last episode with 5% ratings.

This drama talks about a genius male student and a female student who often gets into trouble and is spun from a popular Japanese manga.

Playful Kiss is the comeback work of Kim Hyun Joong after 1 and a half years since Boys over Flowers. It is also produced by Boys over Flowers production company Group Eight with Hwang In Roi PD who also directed for drama 'Goong' and writer Go Eun Nim who wrote for movie 'Bungee jumping'.

On this same day, KBS 2TV's Baker King Kim Tak Goo had ratings of 45.9% which was the highest of all while 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' had 13.4% of ratings.


Drama Playful Kiss recorded its first episode with low ratings as it began its first step with uneasiness.

According to AGB Nilson Media Research, Playful Kiss recorded its ratings with 3.5% for its first episode that was broadcasted on 1st September.

This was lower by 2.8% than MBC's previous work 'Road number one' who had 5.3% ratings for its final episode.

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On the other hand, on this day's similar timing slot, KBS 2TV 'Baker king Kim Tak Goo' had ratings of 44.0% that lasted itself as the highest like usual, while SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' had ratings of 11.9%.


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By comparing the average ratings of Wed-Thurs drama that began airing itself since 2000, average ratings had been recorded as 7.9% and lesser on their first episodes, but for Playful Kiss which was broadcasted on 1 September, its ratings were the lowest of all.

Up until now, the lowest ratings on its first episode was 'Women who still wants to get married' that was broadcasted last March on MBC with 4.7% ratings.