Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[article] "We share this affinity thanks to Jangki!"

On the 15th morning 10am in Seoul Kangnam at Google Korea's head office center, the 'Youtube-Group Eight, MBC Playful Kiss Special Edition Partnership Convention' was held as CEO of Google Korea cum Google Asia managing director Lee Wonjin along with Group Eight CEO Song Byungjun came together to pose for the camera.

This time's special edition will consist of 7 episodes that will feature totally different contents as that of the TV drama version and will be shown to the entire world. In this upcoming early-October, various promotion videos, music videos, making films, etc will be uploaded through their exclusive widely-diversified youtube channel.

In addition, the My Story event; because they do support subtitle files, so through the participation of users, participants could pen their own story on their own, too.

CEO of Group Eight Song Byungjun expressed, "Standing by our stand to produce a nudge of contents, our decision to produce this time's special edition holds a deep meaning to us. Because of the fact that current editing work in the TV station is already taking up a long period of my time", "But we will create the contents as the way we want it and then distribute our hard labour out world-wide; through Youtube we will be able to possess this golden opportunity to easily settle distribution problems as such".

Generally, in the circumstances relating to copyright issues, including domestically and of course internationally, there are always limitations set to prevent illegal outflowing of data, and so in Youtube's case, for those countries who did not register themselves due to each country's copyright reservations, they will not be able to watch this in their country.

Along with that, though there are of course many language barriers between each country, users could still congregate together and enjoy the emotions delivered to them from the drama as this would be settled through the many possible selections of lively translations services.

CEO of Google Korea Lee Wonjin also expressed, "Amidst our improvement in contents, we will be taking our work to show the entire world and share with them -- the contents of Korea -- and because of that I'm happy", "With another of our brand new innovation this time round, it will be sure to benefit not just the producing crew, but also the media, and the audiences".


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Especially in this time's youtube special edition, brand new contents that will not be seen in the original TV drama will be contained as audiences will see a totally new side of fun and excitement.

The official 'Playful Kiss' youtube channel will be opened in the upcoming October where it will contain the promotion videos, music videos and making films of the casts etc, there will be many must-see[s] in the channel.

This time's partnership aliance will deliver works of superior quality to their users, and to the producers of the contents, it holds a deep meaning whereby they could add on to the spectrum of varietied characteristics of their distribution channel.

With this time's partnership to create a special edition of the TV drama with help of exclusive distribution to Youtube only, it is expected that the Hanryu drama fever will continue to brew in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam etc asian countries.

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'Playful Kiss' that began broadcasting last September 1 stars singer-borne-actor Kim Hyunjoong and newbie Jung somin. This 'Playful Kiss Special Ed' is expected to be telecasted in end-October or around early-November through Youtube's official Playful Kiss channel.


Song Byungjun of Group Eight also expressed, "The Youtube special edition's aliance will newly transform the original TV drama as it brings it onto the net world and being introduced to the entire world, and it holds a deep meaning to us because our Korea's content get diversified like that through a widely-known distribution medium - Youtube", "We will expect to achieve high synergy effect with channel mediums like TV and online, and because we get to maximize our opportunities to invade the international markets with our Korea's movies and dramas, I'm really anticipating".

Lee Wonjin, the managing director cum CEO of Google Korea also added his stand, "From social affairs to music, movies, the varied culture contents etc, Youtube is able to fulfil them, and through our congregation this time, we will be able to create transformations in each and every different area with the fastest growth together", "By making use of the distinguishable Youtube where the entire world congregates together to share one single platform, we will work hard to introduce the many music, movies, concerts, etc, the many different arts cultures of our country to show the entire world".

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