Friday, April 16, 2010

[영상] 501 deluxe edition solo collection hits Album -- jacket shoot 09

this too.. you should have seen this before,
it was during their stay in Taiwan @ June 2009
for their tw solo hits album jacket cover
+ some miscs for mags/etc etc...
it was inclusive in their 'Deluxe SS501 Collection Album -- Taiwan version'
yeah, but for the sake of some who might not have watched it yet...
haha just kidding, I know you spent too much time
eating lollipops and watching Spiderman (^oo^)

you should dig this channel (hahaha)
alot of random short clips, but captures essence,
cute & epic

ripped by: | obsession
copyright: ss501 taiwan deluxe collection hits
uploader: hjdoll@yt