Friday, April 09, 2010

[기사] Conservatories no more

Hartbeet Rises
Hartbeet Beefs
Hartbeet Pounds
Hartbeet Explode! ! !

*want some beef?* hehehehehehe


출처: daily news kr.......(most portal sites carry the same news)

From April~May, there would soon be an overcrowding of stars in the music industry. Beginning previously on the 7th from Rain, to Lee Hyo-ri who will release 4th album on the 13th. At the end of this month, 2PM will also be releasing their 2nd album, Son Dambi, SS501 will also be releasing their new album in upcoming May and meet with fans. From april~may, amidst the 5 representative singers who will be making a comeback, we got to know more about their drawbacks as well as tackling methods through the way we observe it as.

(others mentioned were Rain, Lee Hyo-ri, 2PM, Son Dambi)


Drawbacks: Undervalued domestic awareness versus unyielding immense fan support. Due to drama 'Boys over Flowers', Kim HyunJoong whose popularity was boosted significantly, SS501 then unarguably became a top star in asia regions. However, since they focus on overseas activities more, domestic awareness on them didn't grow deeper though. Fans too, are restricted to the new generation world only. They're recognized more as a famous group by looks only, more than being recognized for their songs.

Resolution: They're now focusing on producing the hit track for their upcoming album. Rather than designing a new generation's dance song for the sake of being in the core of performances, the new album would actually be filled with songs produced for enjoyment targeting at the majority audiences. Agency DSP has said, "Will carry out promotion activities with their music as the core, rather than to focus on visual" "Rather than having to do it through hook songs with catchy melody, we would instead strengthen their image as a vocalist group with strong vocal skills through the production of songs which would highlight mainly on the vocals. They would also be actively participating on music and variety programmes, this would thus certainly expand their fanbase" etc such opinions were revealed.