Friday, April 16, 2010

[오디오] double HJ in one song

was wondering should I do this...
but i cannot control sorry... t,t

the BabyBaby (my new nickname for him)
sings chorus part for hyunjoong's solo stage PBNTM
during 1st asia tour.
maybe you actually can't hear, thats true,
since it's been drowned by fans' screams.
but i was wondering...if only the concert venue was quiet..........
you could have heard it.
BUT. thats impossible. like how impossible it is for you to
reach...the moon. excluding astronauts.
they even take what, 1 month to get on to it......?

credit: prettyboy
source: 이끌림 @ soul dresser

just click on direct link. the music will automatically begin to play
takes no need for loading

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