Monday, April 19, 2010

[Fancam] Hyunjoong focus @ Persona Hongkong 121209 [BASARAH]

I know its almost 4 months ago, but the uploader just upload her 2 fancam recently (1 week ago)... Hehe BASARAH always give the best fancam: close, stable, clear, HQ. So its too good not to be shared.... I always waiting for her fancam...
I always like watching HQ fancam especially HQ hyunjoong focus fancam like this because can watch his expression every second.. ^^ even i like it more than official video one..

Oya... you can dig up her channel, she has many HQ hyunjoong focus fancam from various Persona, she went to many Persona too like Taiwan, Shanghai, Budokan, and Seoul. All her fancam always good....

credit: BASARAH aka tiamo4674 @ YT

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