Thursday, April 01, 2010

[Fanmade] Good bye Yoon Ji Hoo 1st Anniversary

Yesterday is the 1st Anniversary of Yoon Ji Hoo. Korean fans celebrated Jihoo's day yesterday. If you go to korean hyun joong’s café or blog, you would see their activity reminiscing Jihoo Sunbae testerday. Actually they start this activity since few days ago. Hehe so this week is Jihoo’s week and yesterday is Jihoo’s day.

Why 31 March is Jihoo’s day? Because:

31 March is the last episode of BOF was airing last year.
31 March
is the day Good Bye Yoon Jihoo, the event set by Hyun Joong to say thank you for fans that supported him during Yoon Ji hoo’s day.
31 March
is the day Hyunjoong officially say Good Bye to his Yoon Ji Hoo’s role.
And coincidentaly 30 March is Hanazawa Rui’s character birthday… ^^

Thats why korean fans decided to celebrated all those events in the same day, Jihoo’s day, 31 March ^^
So these are 2 fanmade they made to celebrated Jihoo's day.

From Investigationkhj

credit: tsgsuho

From miclub

credit: rzztube


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