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[기타] GoodBye YJH ........

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the reason why I share this is because it's interesting .^^;;


On the day when Jihoo sunbae turned back into a singer...

1. How should you miss this much.
KimHyunJoong who is returning back to his status as a singer has forgotten almost
all his hardships during the filming for these 3 months.
Just a mere 75 minutes of stage performance, but it took him more vibe than usual.
His charisma held the stage with 5000 plus fans present captive, very different from
that in drama Boys over Flowers (BoF). Sports Korea has specially reported the BTS
of this Gdbye YoonJihoo event where he forked out his own money of 1billion won to hold this.

2. What kind of accessories to wear hmmm?
Before KimHyunJoong arrived at the lounge, there were already 100 kinds of accessories
waiting for his arrival. All kinds of hats/caps, sunglasses, and watches,
already proved HyunJoong's fashion style, bracelets are also HyunJoong's fave.

3. Black and white match?
KimHyunJoong wore black socks, along with white shoes.
Though it may be a combo that's dangerous enough to look old-fashioned should
it not be taken proper efforts with,
but when it was worn on HyunJoong, it became a very matching combo.
One of the fashion tips mentioned by HyunJoong is,
"Socks reaching only the ankle must never be matched with leather boots,
if people see the meat instead, won't that be so weird looking"

4. Searching for "Yoon JiHoo" style!
Just the outfits prepared for HyunJoong already recorded 200 of it,
on the day of "Goodbye YJH" event's initial beginning,
he appeared with mon-tues KBS2's drama Boys over flower's Yoon Jihoo look.
On the day, while catching the finale of Boys over Flowers with fans,
what HyunJoong wore was the formal suit of Yoon Jihoo.
After the finale ended, he re-appeared with the status as SS501 member on stage,
wearing tight pants and jacket,
thus displaying his charm even more.

5. What's the thing HyunJoong's eating?
The answer is, medicine. On the day of event, HyunJoong was actually
down with flu, he was unable to speak too loud,
but because he considered the sake of performing on stage,
so he had to suppress his painful swelling red throat.
In order not to let 5000 plus fans be disappointed, he had to check the
condition of his throat. (huk.....)

6. Gotta hide those dark eye circles
The part HyunJoong minds the most is still his eyes.
He usually cares quite alot about the dark eye circle problem too,
so he also spents most efforts underneath his eye area doing makeup.
On the day itself he was also doing makeup seriously, attending to his eye corneas.
In order to present the pure clean image of Jihoo sunbae, no choice.

7. The child is too pretty.
BoF PD Lee Minwoo (left most) brought all his family members to the venue
to watch HyunJoong's event.
HyunJoong saw the kid in PD's arms, and couldn't resist to
take a few more glances at the kid, commenting that
the kid is just too pretty. PD Lee watched the performance from
beginning to end, thus showing their "Boys over flowers" friendship.

8. Must sign with seriousness too
HyunJoong signed with even more sincerity. After all activities ended and
he came to backstage surrounded with fans asking for autographs,
he still sincerely and seriously signed on the BoF OST.
Treating the mirror as a wall, lying against it giving autographs,
it was very peculiar-looking as well.

9. HyunJoong wearing slippers dancing before going on stage, not relaxing any single moment
While choosing his outfits, he was even facing the mirror, practising his dance steps.
Despite wearing slippers and doing dancing, he still looked as cute.

10. That difference between actor and singer?
HyunJoong is currently engaging in a discussion about outfit for final stage performance.
Because the stylists who were busy choosing the right tie
to go along with the tee, HyunJoong who was wearing three-quarter pants and slippers
felt easy.
From HyunJoong's upper and lower way of dressing we could see the stark
difference between a singer and an actor.
From HyunJoong's upper dressing, we could see the silhouette reminiscant
of Boys over flowers' Yoon Jihoo; whilst from his bottom dressing,
it returned to SS501's KimHyunJoong yet again.

Goodbye, Yoon Jihoo, Hello, Kim Hyunjoong.

After 3 months, SS501 finally gathered together again.

In order to add on glittery to Goodbye YoonJihoo,
Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJun and Kim HyunJoong
had all put their hands together,
eventually shouting out loud for a,
"SS501 Fighting!"

!!!영원히 하자!